another Flatshare in Sangenjaya near Shibuya

3 Bedrooms Flat in west suburb of Tokyo, Japan. No Agent, No Thanks money.

Thank you for your interest. MinamiMachida flat is NOT available now.

The flat is 66 square meters, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bath and toilet.

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flat & equipment (residents history)

The flat places on the 9th floor in the ten stories building.

About 200 families are living in the big two (connected) buildings. -> picture(53Kbytes)

Two lifts stop at the ground, 3rd, 6th, 9th floor. (So our flat is a floor it stops. Other floors' people have to use stairs after leaving lift.)

This flat permit us to have small pets. (paper work required)

There are three private rooms. (jou is size of a tatami mat, on one-jou one person can lie down roughly.)


lounge 9.2 jou with air conditioner


Many appliances, dish, gabage, books and magazines are remained in the flat. I myself have not checked the flat yet so I cannot tell if one is there, work or broken.



Thinking under 100,000 yen. Depends on timing, how much you are okay with "as is" renting conditions, etc. Useful link for explaining how the housing in Tokyo is.  here

comparing with other accommodations

Average rent for the same three rooms type flat around here is about 120,000 plus 10,000 yen care taker fee, and you need aprox. 6 month of rent initially, 3 month of which never return. So I guess (partially)furnished 100,000 yen per month without thanks money is fairly good.

Let me show you how much it takes if you rent another 3BR in MinamiMachida.

In Japan,rooms are usually unfurnished, which means you need to purchase a lot after moving in.

Monthly rent is, say 120,000 yen, 2-months thanks money, 2-month deposit, plus 1 month agent fee. It means you need at most 6 times of rent at the beginning. Thanks money never returns. Landlord requires you to make 2 years contract.

Guarantor thing, which is also common in Japan, I do not like it, too. I have not decided how to handle it. But it depends on how I can be convinced.

place & transportation  (Map is here:26Kbytes)

The nearest station is Minami-Machida
(Tokyu Den'en-Toshi line, 35 min by changing to express or 45 min by local from Shibuya)
  • Minami-Machida 10 min by walk (Tokyu Den'en-Toshi line)
  • Suzukakedai 14 min by walk (Tokyu Den'en-Toshi line)
  • Naruse (JR Yokohama line)
  • Machida (JR Yokohama line, Odakyu line)
  • By Train

    place time
    Sagami-Ono 10-20 1 300? another shopping town in the area
    Aobadai 10 0 160 central town along the west part of Tokyu Den'enToshi line. many banks' branches, department store, schools
    ShinYokohama 20-25 1 350 The second stop of Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo 
    Big business town with hotels and shopping stores
    Yokohama 30-40 1or2 430 Port city. Centre of the Yokohama city where 4 million people lives
    Shibuya 36-46 0 300 Start of the Tokyu Den'enToshi line 
    Town of young people
    OmoteSando 38-48 0 460 centre of fashion
    Shinjyuku 46-56 1 480 Subcentre of Tokyo 
    most crowded place in Japan
    Ebisu 40-50 1 420? some bars for foreigners, I don't know much about here.
    Akasaka 46-56 1 470 embassy town
    Roppongi 53-63 2 460 where many foreigners gather. night clubs
    Akihabara 64-74 1 490 notorious cyber shopping town
    Kasumigaseki 50-60 1 460 government offices
    Takadanobaba 47-57 1 ?
    Yokosuka 80-100 3 780 USA base
    Hachioji 35-45 1 530 centre city of west suburban Tokyo
    Natira Airport 150- 1or2 1500-4000 international airport
    Haneda Airport 80- 2 or 3 1000 domestic (and Taiwan) airport
    Your inquiry  
      If you would like to know a certain place, please ask me.

    By Car

    Near by Tomei Yokohama interchange of Tomei Holloway and Tokyo Institute of Technology Univ.

    Just at the next building, there is a good convenience store. Supermarket Precce at MinamiMachida station is big. Supermarket Sanwa 15 min by walk is a big store which also sells cloths, furniture, appliances and pets.

    There is a big shopping mall in front of MinamiMachida station. See Tokyu MinamiMachida Shopping Centre web page. This site has good English maps of around MinamiMachida. There also are two supermarket, precce and caroful(sp?).

    Around the Machida station (4.5 km), department stores, shops, restaurants, schools and bars are there. I fortnightly go to a Machida library to borrow books, CD and videos for free (all resident can borrow them).

    The next station, Tsukimino, now has a supermarket with 9 screens Cinema complex. That supermarket(Saty) is 15 mins walk from Tsukimino station.

    Naruse Gymnasium (2 km) has a good excises room which all residents can use only by 100 yen per 80 min. Public tennis courts and play fields are available, too. Minami junior high's pool are opened to residents by 200 yen (1 km). If you prefer private sports gym, there are some in Aobadai, Nagatsuta, Chuo-Rinkan, Machida. It costs more or less 10,000 yen per month I heard.

    Honestly, I don't recommend our flat to the person who has to commute to the very central Tokyo area at peak time. Commuting 1 hour on a train in the morning Tokyo is really tough. harder than gym excising (really). If you can make your work time to late side, it may be okay. Our former Australian flatmate was mainly working at Shibuya with avoiding peak time, Japanese mate Eiko worked at Ebisu.

    But even around here, there are over million people living and consequently there are many shops and activities. So if you can set your working place near here, it'll be good lifestyle like mine.

    YMCA at Sagami-ono has a intermediate Japanese (language) class. But it tends to be cancelled because of lack of students. 042-740-5501 (from outside of Japan, +81-42-740-5501). There also are some other Japanese classes held by local community. As far as I heard, Machida city and Aoba-ku of Yokohama-city have.

    Contact Info

    Please let me know your name, job (or how you will afford your rent), kind of visa, how long you are planning to stay (if possible).
    When we make a deal, I will ask you your contact info for emergency,

    Don't hesitate to ask anything, please!